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Inclusive WASH

Building skills towards inclusive water, sanitation
and hygiene

Case Studies

This publication is a record of efforts to achieve equity and inclusion in WASH programming around the world.

It includes one keynote paper and 16 case studies from 13 countries. Within its pages there is a clear message that ‘business as usual’ is not sufficient to meet the water and sanitation rights of traditionally excluded or marginalised groups. The case studies are therefore a story of adaptation – of technology, of process and of policy – and innovation to try something new.

Many of the case studies are accompanied by supporting materials, including research reports, survey tools and videos. The authors hope these materials will be of use to other practitioners who hope to build on the stories presented in this publication.


Case Study 1

Where no one has worked before

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Case Study 2

WASH is a connector not a divider

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Case Study 3

Pro-poor support mechanisms

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Case Study 4

Toilet Design Clinics in Naivasha, Kenya

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Case Study 5

The Living with Dignity Program

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Case Study 6

WASH for arresting opportunistic infections

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Case Study 7

Building skills in disability inclusive WASH

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Case Study 8

Inclusive WASH facilities and the Indonesian education system

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Case Study 9

Access to water hygiene and sanitation for persons with disabilities

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Case Study 10

Disability inclusive flood action plan

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Case Study 11

Access to drinking water for people with disabilities

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Case Study 12

Designing gender sensitive sanitation for floating villages

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Case Study 13

Putting a gender lens on WASH practice in liquica

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Case Study 14

Womens- WASH platforms in bangladesh and Cambodia

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Case Study 15

Working from strengths

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Case Study 16

Working towards- gender responsive

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Towards Inclusive WASH Report

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All Case Studies 1-16

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